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Our Procedure

Accelerated technology with our the state of the art teeth whitening kits give you the best possible results. We offer single, double, and triple whitening sessions. Each session consists of 15-20 minutes under an accelerator light with dental grade whitening gel on your teeth. The longer you go, the better the results, so for MAXIMUM RESULTS, we suggest the Triple Session. Aside from session choices, we also offer 2 methods of performing the whitening treatment. We have our Standard Strength Kit, and our Ultimate Strength Kit.

Advantages of our Ultimate Strength Kit

1- It is more effective because the gel has the strongest hydrogen peroxide concentration in the market for cosmetic teeth whitening.

2- You apply the gel directly to your teeth using a pen that looks just like a mini brush. There is no mouth tray interfering between the light and the teeth. Even if the mouth tray is clear, it still refracts the light.

3-It further reduces the risk of gumirritation, because the gel is applied directly to your teeth so no gel overflows onto the gums; hence it does NOT cause gum irritation.

4- It's more comfortable because the cheek retractor keeps your mouth open without any effort of biting down on a mouth tray and keeping your mouth clenched.

Advantages of our Standard Strength Kit

1- Save time by simply putting a mouth tray in your mouth and biting down, instead of painting gel onto your teeth.

2- If you have a history of tooth sensitivity, this would be ideal, as the gel is strong, but not as aggressive as the gel used in the Ultimate Strength Kit. This also ensures you to experience little to no gum irritation.

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